Welcome to my tea adventure.  

Let’s travel together… 

‘There is something in the nature of tea that leads us into a world of quiet contemplation of life’ 

Lin Yutang

Hi, I’m Rhys…and I love tea.  

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Tea can boost our mood, bring us together and intrigue our senses.  It is an ancient beverage that has inspired poetry, wars and legends. It forms an integral part of social rituals across the world and is the world’s most most popular beverage, second only to water.

Upgrade your next cup, even by a little. Share in my passion of teas’ illustrious history and cultural influence.

Here, I hope to ignite an interest or stoke your passion in this truly mystical drink.

From my cup to yours….happy sipping!

P.S – if you’re a vendor looking for me to review your tea or tea shop – click here.  

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